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Youthful Patterns in Traditional Settings

The best way to inject a youthful feel into a traditional setting is by choosing a bright fabric with a lively pattern for your blinds and curtains!

Drapes & Shapes

If you love a touch of colour in your interiors but painting your walls in the seasons favored hue seems a tad extravagant, installing curtains in a coup de coeur fabric is a fabulous way to add personality to a space.
Florals and stripes are undeniably timeless, but however vivid and vibrant their tones, they can't escape their classical and traditional demeanour. Graphical and geometrical patterns on the other hand, are guaranteed to make a statement. They add a youthful touch to a space, which is probably what led both the trendy and the traditional to increasingly use them in their schemes. Scroll down to find out how The Collection's bold and surprising fabric collection will bring you that touch of brilliance. As someone, somewhere once rightfully said, "all things in moderation, especially moderation"!

The Great Check and Little Check

Checks are known to give the illusion of more generous windows, but also add subtle texture to a largely neutral scheme. The Great Check and Little Check fabrics are classical in design yet rich in colour. The four tones in each colourway make it easy to pair with the brighter and smaller elements of a traditional scheme. Both designs work very well individually or juxtaposed. The Great Check looks grand on heavy drapes, creating a cosy luxury atmosphere. The Little Check is perfect for roman blinds, and blends in perfectly in both a quaint seaside cottage or chic summer villa. 

Zig Zag Stripe

If you love a ticking with a twist then Zig Zag Stripe is for you! The design has an element of surprise in the way that it looks like a classic stripe, but as you get closer you notice a striking and vibrant zig zag detail, which truly gives it an edge! Pun intended. The geometric print also works to draw the eye outside. Wild ones will out!

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