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The Family Kitchen

A place for all ages

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At the beginning of every project we take care and time to get to know our clients and to understand what house and home is to them.

Our clients all choose to be involved in different ways. For some that means being very involved and for others hardly at all, anything goes and that’s ok. The end result of any project will still be a home that is tailored and bespoke to each client and home. Bold and beautiful or more subtle, layered and lovely - we create timeless, heritage interiors where comfort is key.
Here’s the family kitchen from our Colorado project, the room was an unusual shape, with lots of doors and windows, so we were limited with the layout, but we knew we wanted to mix textures and finishes to make the kitchen feel new and different.

Tiled walls are so practical but also look gorgeous, reflecting the light and stopping a kitchen feel too heavy.

Lovely fabrics help to soften the space and connect it to the Hearth Room and Nook which are the two rooms that lead off the kitchen.
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We love a breakfast nook - it’s the perfect place to start the day!

We designed this one to help break up a very large kitchen living area, that was split on two levels, and to create an area that offered a feeling of intimacy in such a big space.

The banquette is upholstered in a wipeable suede and the dining chairs are covered in the softest olive green leather meaning the area is both beautiful and practical - the perfect combination for a kitchen. Also, suitable for dogs and children alike….
We love nothing more than to celebrate food and entertaining - from breakfast to evening cocktails and anything in between.

In her own informal kitchen eating room Salvesen Graham founder Nicole Salvesen had this in mind. A welcoming space full of joy to sit and gather with friends. Our FLORAL TRAIL walloped was the obvious choice for adding some joy!
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The architecturally focused kitchen full of light from the abundant roof lights and the arched windows and doors. Calm and elegant but planned with precision to be practical and functional for family life. As well as a neutral (not a word you hear from us Very often) backdrop for the clients art collection.

We love the opportunity that our clients give us to explore a variety of different aesthetics and architectural styles, whether it is dictated by the house or their personal tastes. At any one time we might be designing a kitchen like in this London home, a kitchen in a Georgian home in the country or an arts and crafts house in Colorado - and anything in between! We would never want any 2 to be the same as our wonderful clients aren’t either!
A breakfast room made for every day. Hosting friends and hoards of children. A hardworking room that is a joy to be in is our favourite kind of room.

This room didn’t have the architectural details that can be found in the rest of this beautiful historic home so we added them. Coupled with contrasting layers of fabric and wallpaper makes it an ultimately very comfortable room to be in.
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During school holidays, a family space like this needs to work extra hard.

The cabinet to the left houses a tv and kids paraphernalia, whilst a matching cupboard out of shot to the right contains the breakfast station which has everything the children need to make their own breakfast without disturbing their parents (wishful thinking).

The long bench means you can squeeze lots of small people in, and the wooden floor is practical and easy to clean.