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Salvesen Graham Loves A Twin Bedroom

Satisfying Symmetry

We have a thing for a twin guest bedroom. Especially during times like Christmas and family gatherings when trying to work out how to fit as many people in to their house as possible! The secret weapon? A twin room! Perfect for multi generational guests (think grandma and granddaughter), siblings, single guests for one night (saves you remaking a whole bed) and anyone grateful for a good nights sleep! The added bonus? They look fantastic! Particularly one for grown ups. They are just so satisfying for so many reasons, the pleasing symmetry, the ability to be playful. Fill these rooms with special touches. Scents and lotions and bamboo toothbrushes - any visitor is grateful for accessible chargers of course. A favourite magazine or book tailored to your special visitor. 

From one twin bedroom to another… this time it’s a smart twin room in London where we’ve kept the colour palette simple but we’ve maxed out on repetition, pattern and little details. Blue, white and brown is such a chic and fresh combination. In this room we’ve swapped things around and used the large scale on the wallpaper and pillow and kept the window treatments simple with a very diminutive print. The gathered lampshade is then in the smaller version of the wallpaper pattern. We opted for a smart and tailored look in this twin room which makes it super flexible and suitable for any kind of guest. Welsh blankets add a decorative touch and a generous bedside table is essential to avoid any arguments with your neighbour… Finally a tray for all your trinkets is placed on the bedside next to a large handsome lamp to complete the look. Monochroming with tones of blue in this London bedroom. We added brown to compliment and the result is a restful, sophisticated guest bedroom suitable for all!

This room in a grand traditional home in the country lies ready for a friend passing through and feels smart and classic. With this guest room the aim was a room that was gentle and charming, a flexible overflow to make your guests feel anything but extras to the party. And an air of both masculinity and femininity strikes a balance and works for every visitor. Repurposing pieces from the house makes the room feel settled within it from the start. You’ll have to take our word for it but that view from the window is divine too - a place we’d like to wake up to every day! 

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