Interior Design

Designing Children's Bedrooms

Spaces to grow

It is always our intention to create children’s bedrooms that grow with the child. Timeless but not too childlike, a special place that’s just for them. This cocooning bedroom at the top of a London house features a little nook that is used now for stories and will be used later to sit for a moment of teenage texting.

The fabric lined doors and chicken wire are a nod to traditional design and familiarity.

Finished off with a Salvesen Graham X Jennifer Manners Scallop Mat on the floor! 

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From one pink and blue room to another…

In this playroom in the country we wanted to be mindful of not spending too much on new items, partly because we wanted to create the feeling of an old fashioned nursery, but also because it felt unnecessary and wasteful in a room where children were meant to be playing and not worrying too much about how precious anything was!

So, we reused the chintz curtains from the existing master bedroom and turned them in to wonderfully generous window seat cushions and a pretty gathered skirt under the window seat which hides all manner of things!

Opting for primary colours to be stimulating and fun for the little people who call it home. Out of shot we reused a huge fitted cupboard that had been in the upstairs nursery - to store toys and art material etc.

We then popped one our our Salvesen Graham X Jennifer Manners rugs on the floor - made from repurposed plastic bottles and incredible hard wearing!
what better place to retreat to than this cosy cabin bed room?

A tiny room to be used for a little boy, but also to double up as a “bachelor bedroom” we wanted this space to feel special despite it’s size, in fact because if it! Small rooms can often be the most fun to decorate.

Such a comfortable place to sleep now people fight over this room for a peaceful nights sleep, a bedtime story or even to use as a mini theatre stage!
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This Waxed camo fabric made the perfect hard wearing upholstery for this little boys room.

We created satisfying symmetry with twin beds and matching blanket boxes for storing all those rogue toys that might otherwise require intensive tidying. And also the twin beds of course allow for all those fun sleepovers!

A child’s bedroom needs to have space for being a child but also allow for them to grow with them so you won’t find yourself needing to constantly redecorate.
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Practical storage is key in any home and not least when childhood paraphernalia is involved! These cupboard, part of an extensive storage solution in a playroom needed to be robust and house and endlessly rotating number of toys, crafts and books.

What better rug then to pop on the floor but the Salvesen Graham x Jennifer Manners Scallp Rug - made of Re-purposed plastic bottles meaning it can be literally BLEACHED clean! It is essentially a marvel and we love it!