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Don't be afraid to use multiple layers of texture and pattern in your scheme. It is important to remember that a townhouse can be cosy and comfortable too. In combination with this, consider using a tailored detailed like a smart trimming or a simpler, pared-back curtain heading to suit the typical scale of a townhouse.

Hint: symmetry is key!

Where space is often more limited in a townhouse, it can be more important than ever to pare things back a bit. This doesn't necessarily mean limited colour and pattern or that you can't include a trimming or frilly edge, but do keep things a little more ordered. Symmetry is your friend in a townhouse and can help to keep a space looking pleasing to the eye, even if it is smaller and holding more furniture. Our Scallop Rug in collaboration with Jennifer Manners will help you accomplish this. It's curved edges add a smooth symmetry to any room. 
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Sometimes the joy of a townhouse is that you don't need to be such a slave to the history of the building. In a more modern building, you can add details such as panelling or a trimming around the room where there might not be a cornice. If the detail doesn't exist in the fabric of the building itself, then incorporate it into design details such as trimming the leading edge of a curtain or a skirt on a chair. The Salvesen Graham Great Check Chair or Window Seatare perfect in this case! Seen here in Nicole's very own bedroom.